Monday, February 02, 2009


as a point to make ourselves more accessible to the masses / make myself even more exposed, we decided to resume discussing varied aspects of our lives on a public forum. but hey, we're not going to retread back to days of yore - like dissecting band lyrics and deciding whether they were gay sex references - but instead to provide a save haven for those who aren't afraid to look like they just woke up (hair + eye makeup obvs) and eat donuts. maybe i'm just speaking for myself, but it's getting tired to look at "style" blogs by 16 year old small bumblewoods girls who are bankrolled or like, fat people who love vintage. so gnar. so this is to blur the thin pink line between camp + couture. the industrial (music) to the organic (trader joe's chocolate cereal) ... basically a place for two old friends to itemize our obsessions and talk shit.

so apologies for the cheesemax epilogue!

we'll skip the introductions. if you don't know, you aren't meant to.

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