Monday, March 09, 2009


aleksa + i have been really bad at updating this.

now that i'm jobless, maybe this will be easier...

i need to update on fashion week aka rad hourani for the win, greg's birthday, and other traniqua level shizzlets i DAI for.

aleksa promised me a wp comic that she had a cumdog bajillionaire xerox. this is why we are friends.

'til then: @sheal

(i am officially a twit.)

Monday, February 02, 2009

white power, black metal

(disclaimer: the photograph isn't representative of the musical act below)

my dear cammies sent me this. i listened to it, and it's totally like, depressing. but angry, and a piece of shit just like the person who sent me this. it's kind of amazing. not genius BANANAS or "i die" worthy, but any music that sounds like hell rules.

hopeless demo s/t

hopeless demo funeral of life

what else do you expect from a band called HOPELESS? from spain? i mean, what is there to do except for wear knockoff diesel and do e to a hed kandi cd?


everything should be blue

except eyes

i don't trust YOU people (except Nick Cave obv) (ok and anderson cooper)

Earthling In The Orient + A List of Sheal's Passing Obsessions, Episode 45783

so i'm writing this from the philippines. land of the brown monkey. it's like, mad hot here. but i'm totally taking it in because i know when i get back to new york, it'll be like, permafrost.

i haven't been taking many photos here. in fairness, the humidity tires me. the sheer amount of jolography (look that up) is astounding and my retinas would hurt and sometimes i just want to forget the people that i see. there are some fierce dot com kind of people here though, and this is a tribute to them.

HOWEVER. i did find something great amongst the hot oil midget wrestling and fake dvds and knockoff spanish telenovelas: (just kidding, i'll elaborate on my vacation one of these days)

there's this third world tranny named BEBE GANDANGHARI. she used to be a man like totes married to a woman, macho matinee idol and all that, but after going to new york to study MODELING and coming back "girl na girl" which is monkey for "totally transformed." before bebe's transformation, she proclaimed her former self to be DEAD. shitshow to death.

he/she also starred in a movie pre-transformation where she was a common pleb parlor faggot who TRANSforms into a redheaded female superhero (real lady parts and all).

you can even be a fan of bebe on facebook! meanwhile, here's her wiki entry


other passing obsessions of the day;
- Above The Ruins - Songs of the Wolf LP
- Jethro Cave pictorials
- Paris Men's 09
- Thai diet pills
- Skin bleaching on Tyra
- This quote: "I know what people will think. Everyone will hate me. I'm the woman who doesn't like her own child. But I'm speaking out because I'm convinced I'm not alone. I hate myself for the way I feel, but whatever it is that makes a mum want to hug and kiss her child, I have not felt it. Catherine has always felt like someone else's daughter. When the midwives put Catherine into my arms, I felt nothing at all. She didn't feel like my own flesh and blood. She felt dirty."


as a point to make ourselves more accessible to the masses / make myself even more exposed, we decided to resume discussing varied aspects of our lives on a public forum. but hey, we're not going to retread back to days of yore - like dissecting band lyrics and deciding whether they were gay sex references - but instead to provide a save haven for those who aren't afraid to look like they just woke up (hair + eye makeup obvs) and eat donuts. maybe i'm just speaking for myself, but it's getting tired to look at "style" blogs by 16 year old small bumblewoods girls who are bankrolled or like, fat people who love vintage. so gnar. so this is to blur the thin pink line between camp + couture. the industrial (music) to the organic (trader joe's chocolate cereal) ... basically a place for two old friends to itemize our obsessions and talk shit.

so apologies for the cheesemax epilogue!

we'll skip the introductions. if you don't know, you aren't meant to.